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African Mango And Weight Loss

African Mango can provide significant benefits to weight loss. The seeds from this exotic fruit (irvignia gabonensis) are considered to be one of the most important discoveries in connection to the weight loss process in modern times.

Although the fruit has been used by the indigenous population of Western African (Cameroon in particular) for centuries it was only recently that African Mango has been used as a weight loss product in the western commercial world.

How Does African Mango Work

  • Helps Regulate Hunger – studies have shown that using African Mango extract can cause a reaction and stimulate the release of hormones within our body which work to help regulate hunger receptors. The result of this process is that satiety (fullness) is reached quicker during a meal and the need and want to snack between meals is diminished. This means that fewer calories are taken on by the body on a daily basis.
  • Helps Raise Metabolism – Another hormone (specifically Adiponectin) is said to help regulate blood and insulin levels and is shown to have a bearing on body fat percentage. Further studies have indicated that adults who do no produce enough Adiponectin are at higher risk of weight gain and even diabetes.
  • Helps Detoxification – African Mango is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. These are essential for a healthy digestive system. One of the most overlooked reasons for weight gain is poor digestive health. A better functioning digestive system can flush away toxins produced by un-expelled wate material (faecal matter) quickly and regularly rather than leaving it to rot in your gut.

African Mango could have a significant and profoundly positive effect on your weight loss and health regime.

There are currently dozens of commercial brands with varying degrees of potency.

African Mango Advanced is high strength formula consisting of 2400mg of irvignia gabonensis seed per serving

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